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I might also post same pictures on my main ~





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Cory Heath
Hi, I'm Cory~ And for some kind of reason I have a Dark form what I have named Dory >w<

I also have pet keaton named Wafel :D

But now I can start to answer your questions~

So ask me anything and I will answer the way I can :meow:

(( And please note these of him:
- He's 13 years old, he looks younger than is <w<
- He can't get angry or even look angry but when he does it's Dory's doing, also at then his eyes change to black&red
- He doesn't like girls much were they relatives or not.. thought he don't hate them, just don't care of them
- He's also shy and quiet kind..
That's all :meow: ))

Friends~: v

:iconask-minish-vio: - Good friend x3
:iconaskminishred: - Also good friend :3
:iconask-riniel: - Nice and kind fairy :'D

Family: v

:iconasktoby: - Big brother :'D
:iconask-earth-mage-yuuto: - Twin bro 8D
:iconask-isabella-mage: - little sis c:

Boyfriend: v

:iconaskfr-red: - Min luv <3



Icon pic by PlasmaZoroark

Admin Kitsunekocata

(( If u wanna see more other art of him u should check my main c: ))

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Yay? ouo
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Yes, yay!
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Why yay? .u.
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One word.


Chocolate frosted humans. :iconheplz:
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Isabella runs to u and throws glitter every were and in ur hair* " brother is glitter power time! "

(( this is a ask if u don't mind ))
Ask-SageKaralyn Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Been a long time since I've been here. Don't know if I asked you this question before but,

Have you ever engaged into combat? If so, how do you fight in battle?
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